August 26, 2011

Food Waste Friday: Eat It.

You can take that however you want. I'm going to take it as an invitation to eat something, instead of wallowing in guilt, angst, despair, and navel-gazery (<-----totally a word).

This week, I'm celebrating the fact that we didn't throw anything out by proudly displaying, uh...


Yeah. Another reason I'm not a food blogger (just a food-obsessed blogger): I forget to take pictures of the finished product, but forget that I've forgotten, and then have to post about soggy looking eggplant and zucchini.

We had these lovely specimens in the fridge, Mr wasn't feeling the greatest, and I was Hungry.

(You heard me. None of this plain-jane non-descriptive hungry wimpiness for me. I capitalize like I mean it.)

These soggy, greenish looking vegetable pictures are shown post-roast, after which they were thrown (without mercy) into my Roasted Pepper Pasta...and it was good. Not great, but good.

And I went from being Hungry to mildly peckish, so Mrs for the win!

P.S. Please join Lannis and I at our Pinterest party. We're having too much fun not to share. Yesterday she posted about seventeen pictures of Star Wars stormtroopers that almost killed me. (The pictures, not the stormtroopers. Although I'm still kind of scared of them.)