August 15, 2011

Bread Instead

We did go grocery shopping on Saturday, and I have the pictures to prove it.

I just don't have the receipts. Oh, they're around. They're just not here, and online banking hasn't updated my purchases yet (I'm up earlier than the bank), so I thought I'd do something completely out of character and tell you about some bread I made.

[Waits for the collective gasps of shock and murmurs of "I didn't even know she made bread" to subside]

Yes, it's been that long. And I've had this || much energy to devote to bread making. But yesterday was different.

Yesterday began with Mr sleeping in, and me waking up only slightly later than my normal hour, because of the not being able to sleep due to poached eggs. You may need to refer to Facebook for that one.

(A note on life chez Mrs without newborns terrorizing the place: Saturdays, Mrs sleeps in. Sundays, Mr sleeps in. And it's staying that way until one of two things happen: we find a church we can live with - oh! humans!  - or Bean is born.)

The rest of the morning was filled with reading stories, the aforementioned poached eggs with buttered toasties, stickers and a trip to the store to buy a night light (a story for another day).

The afternoon was filled with bread.

And cuteness:

Oh, yeah. And bread:

We made pitas that were sightly too thick but were unmistakeably pitas. How do they know to do that? My Mom says you just tell them that they have to be pitas now before you put them in the oven. I'm skeptical.

 The pitas were to have our falafels in, so the afternoon was also filled with falafels:

Tasty (and one of them is smiling at me). But wouldn't hold their shape when fried (maybe that's why it's smiling?). The floor is open to suggestions (about the shape-holding, not the smiling).

The evening was filled with a wagon ride to the store (for the kids, not me), eating falafels with my parents, taking a half hour to get the kids to bed, and - finally - Ceasers.

Not a bad day. One of my favourites, in fact.

P. S. Want to see how much shorter the flour bin has gotten since January?