August 9, 2011

An Open Letter To Me, Of All People

Dear Me,

(I know this is strange, since normally I just talk out loud to you in the car, but go with it).

Hey. I just wanted to drop you a little line and tell you how much I appreciated yesterday. From beginning to end, it was pretty rad, and I think I don't encourage you enough, so here goes...

I'm really grateful that in the morning you did two loads of laundry - that really put me ahead for the next few days. Except for forgetting to wash two of our six diaper covers, you did a great job. Now to put it all  away... (nudge, nudge.) We'll just have to cross our fingers that Jr doesn't blow out the last two he has at daycare today, because that would make us a bad mother, obviously.

Also, the fact that you were late for work (by a lot) but didn't get all rushy-rushy and frazzled with Mr or the kids: pretty awesome. (And pretty rare. Just saying.)

Work - meh. If you could have left me somewhere nice like the beach while you were there, it would have been nice. But I understand you need company sometimes. No one likes to suffer alone.

But really, what I'm most appreciative of is the fact that the minute you walked in the door last night you ignored the messy kitchen and went straight in to making supper - you know, the one you've had on two grocery lists so far (possibly three) but it just hasn't worked out yet? You didn't even stop to take off your heels, and as a result we were sitting down to supper fifteen minutes later.

(And by the way, using leftover quinoa and mixed beans spiced with cumin and chili powder instead of ground beef was a great idea, and so was the idea to heat the tortillas in the skillet individually. Too bad the corn tortillas didn't work out.)

I still can't believe that when you thought about taking the kids for a swim after supper as you were driving home from work you actually followed through. And the fact that Mr went along with it, even though he doesn't really like the swimming so much - awesome. You know, you really should do something extra nice for him soon. He's been pretty rad himself. (Actually, and no offense, but a lot radder than you've been recently.)

Cleaning up the kitchen after the kids were in bed and putting together the Tandoori Chicken Marinade for Butter Chicken makes me feel pretty optimistic about today, too.

And what I'm most grateful for? The fact that you made popcorn last night, and made sure there was enough left for me to take to work this morning. Our stomach thanks you most sincerely.


Photo credit: Abhijeet Dudi

p.s. You might want to clean the upstairs bathroom. When I took a shower this morning, I noticed it was getting a little pink. Just saying.