July 8, 2011

Zee Cake For Zee Miss

Ladies and germs, the inspiration (courtesy of Glorious Treats):

The beginning, already starting to look like it might end up not quite the same as the muse of cakes:

No, no. It will be fine. Don't listen to Lannis, she's just jaded from her years at Tim Horton's. You can do this, Mrs. It's going to be awesome.

Oh dear. I'm pretty sure no one gets all teary-eyed and patriotic over the red, white and green.

It'll be fine. Nothing a little icing can't fix.

Oh. Right. I was in the emegency room all week (slight exaggeration). How about marshmallow fluff instead? Everybody loves marshmallow fluff.

Oh. I'll decorate it. It can't get any worse, right?

Oooh-kaay. Fine.

Hey. How did that get in there?

Seems to be going over well, though.

Hey! It looks like the American flag! Suprise!

Happy birthday, Missy.