July 15, 2011

Vacation: A Birdie Joke

You know, a birdie joke? As in: "cheep, cheep". I'll wait for the collective groan to subside.


Obviously, Mr and I never go anywhere exotic. Our vacations - except, I'm pleased to say, our honeymoon, because that would be weird - have all been to visit family. Mostly in Pennsylvania.

So that's cheap right there.

But they're getting cheaper. Oh golly. The things that excite me. It's kind of embarrassing.

(But not really.)

Us, our two kids, their monstrously large car seats, their clothes, our clothes, assorted stuff we never use but always bring anyway, and - of course - some kind of newly discovered and life-changing beer that Mr has discovered and is bringing down for his friend Jeff used to travel crammed like Tetris into a Toyota Echo, and now travel in luxurious minivan style, like so:

But we're still saving money.

For one thing, we eat out less. Instead, we go to Jeff and Amy's house for this:

And just to spend 12 hours - er, 18 - with people we love. (You heard me, it's not just the steak. The tender, almost raw, perfectly done steak...mmmmmm.....Or the tomatoes on mozzarella......)

Or we go to Becca's reception, and fall in love with the cupcakes so hard that there is no picture. All I can offer you is a picture of two bored cousins, who - for some inexplicable reason - failed to see the entertainment value in a soft, fluffy, lemon cupcake.

(Speaking of Becca's wedding - Hi, Erin. I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself when Becca told me who you were. My excuse? I thought I'd sound like a wiener if I went up to you and said "Hi, I write that thing you read". It's a personal handicap I'm trying to work through. Also, we're related through Mr's family. That is all.)

Back to the non-demented part of my cheap vacation: the pony.

You heard me. Why pay millions of dollars for a toy train museum or Reptile Land when your Poppy buys a pony for you to ride?

So. Vacations. Cheap(ish).

I'm done.