July 5, 2011

Project Grocery: Unexpected Help

So here we are. Tuesday morning.

And I present to you my groceries, a (sort of) surprise, and the reason I think we might just get our grocery budget average to $120 this week,

Tomorrow: a list of what has not gotten accomplished due to the now eight and a half hours I've spent in the emergency room in the past two days.

Eventually: a sweet post about how much fun we had visiting Lannis and family.

First, my groceries:

Forty-four dollars worth of groceries. (No coupons were harmed in the making of this grocery list.)

You see, when we made our grocery list, we knew we were traveling on Friday night for a brief visit to Pennsylvania, so we - like the wise, calm, frugal people that we aren't - planned to really scour the pantry, freezer, and fridge for leftovers with a few planned meals thrown in.

Now - SURPRISE! - we're leaving for Pennsylvania tonight. Which means instead of possibly not enough food, we have to much. As in: "Quick! Drink this litre of milk and eat these five bananas right now!" too much food.

The upside, however, is that there's no more grocery shopping until next Tuesday, and if I can keep that bill down at around forty-one dollars or so, we've hit the $120/week target and can move on to the next goal: setting the bar lower.

Can't. Wait.