July 14, 2011

Project Grocery: Shaky Hands

Maybe my hands are shaky because it's 5:41 AM and I haven't had my coffee yet.

Maybe they're shaky because ReStore Score is going to be featured on BlogHer.

Or maybe they're shaking so much because...

(Trumpets, please. Hand trumpets will do, in a pinch. You know, if you don't have a regular trumpet just lying around like I do.)

We went to the grocery store on Tuesday as we recovered from our vacation (still more on that coming, including the Best Steak Ever) and spent...and spent...$40.88. My grocery budget has a black eye! It's weaving blearily around the ring, wondering what happened to it, and sincerely hoping I don't hit it again.

This stellar grocery shop (sans kids, which was heavenly) has brought the average right down to $119.99. Picture me, pyjama-clad, banana in hand, doing a (silent) double fist-pump at my desk.

Or don't, because that's weird.

Now - of course - the bar gets set lower. Or higher, depending on if you're lying on the floor or standing up. Far be it from me to revel in awesomeness, when I have the opportunity to set the grocery budget at $110 and can moan and whine about how we can't meet it.

Fun times.

(If you're new here, and totally confused, may I suggest Project Grocery: A Review, and the page of numbers that is the Project Grocery page?)