July 18, 2011

Project Grocery: I Had to Lie Down

(Writing, beside an open window, with cool breeze and the sound of rain coming through. Eating a banana. Because who wouldn't?)

We were entertaining the most relaxing guests in the world this weekend. So relaxing, that on Saturday before they came, I slept on the couch most of the day instead of cleaning up and making the house presentable for their arrival.

So relaxing, that after all our kids went to bed, and we decided to live like it was 1985 and watch The Breakfast Club, I fell asleep in my chair. At eight-thirty, and despite all the yummy snacks they brought (who falls asleep to The Breakfast Club and maple cream cookies?)

What can I say? I'm an awesome hostess, obviously.

One of the things I was awake for on Saturday was the grocery trip, although once we got the haul home, I was back on the couch, so there's no visual evidence that we spent $84.02, and fed our dear friends Root Beer Pulled Pork and French Toast, or will be having things like chicken kebabs and chicken corn soup this week.

Or that our grocery bill is now around $118.79 for a 30 week average.

I might just have to lie down again.

(If you don't know what I'm talking about, Project Grocery: A Review and Project Grocery might be of some help.)

And now, a series of other verbal and visual snapshots for all you super-sleuths out there:



Me: I have a secret to tell you.

Miss: Is it ice cream?


And, go.