July 6, 2011

On the Road. Or: What I Haven't Done

Any time we travel I get a little fussy and stressed out (who? me?) about The List, because there's so much stuff we have to bring. (And, you may remember, last time we travelled to visit Mr's family, I made a nice little list and managed to leave all of Jr's ID at home.)

But because between Sunday and Monday  I spent eight and a half hours in the emergency room with Jr, I didn't even have time to make a list. (Oh, I didn't tell you about the three hours on Monday, when we finally got a diagnosis of - you guessed - tonsillitis? At eleven thirty at night? Silly me.)

So here's the list of things I didn't do:

I didn't make a list.

I didn't check through the fridge to make sure we weren't going to be attacked by rotten food when we come home.

I didn't write a few blog posts in advance.

I didn't finish some copyediting work I was meant to do for a friend. (UPDATE: I DID!)

I didn't finish making Miss' happy birthday cake - which will be awesome, by the way. You will marvel.

I didn't make a list.

I mentioned that last one already, I know. But I'm feeling a little anxious about it. And we're leaving in an hour.

Zoom, zoom.

Good thing there's plenty of Terry Pratchett on the iPods for the ten hour drive.