July 27, 2011

Ladies Who Lunch...At Their Desks


I'm Sandi.

And Wendy's and I...we have an interesting relationship. I might love it (her?).

Would you like the whole sad story, or just the abbreviated version?

Did I really need to ask? Abbreviated version it is. (Mom, stop here. You'll be horrified, abbreviated version or not.)

My love affair with the Number One No Pickles and a Diet Coke began in my second year of university, and has continued into my professional career - with a brief hiatus for the two years we lived in downtown Toronto - until I left the bank for my maternity leave with Jr. When I came back, it was to a different branch, and the closest Wendy's is a solid half hour away.

At each of the Wendy's that I've called home, they would start getting my lunch order ready as soon as they saw me. That, my friends, is true love and devotion.

Or enabling behaviour.

Let's forget all the health-y nutritional-y boring business that I know you're all thinking (you too, Mom. I know you didn't stop reading) and get down to brass tacks: eating out for lunch at work is expensive. And the only thing more appetizing than Number One No Pickles and a Diet Coke is Not Spending Money.

Not having a Wendy's within half an hour of work is pretty effective, but if I don't look forward to my lunch, I'm not a very happy girl.


My packed lunch varies depending the time of year, state of my uterus (gross), and creativity. These days, when I open up my o-so-glamorous (free) lunch bag,

I'm rewarded with this:

Veggies & peanut butter, watermelon, and cottage cheese with onions and pepper (oh, stop gagging. It's delicious.) is a lunch I can look forward to.

But - don't be mad at me Mom - not as much as I would this, if I weren't such a cheapskate:

(I'm headed to the city on Friday for another visit to my eyeball surgeon...guess what's for lunch?)