July 21, 2011

I Am a Goodwill Convert

Who says I'm not a clothes horse?

Oh. I did. Here. But now that the vest doesn't fit so well over the growing-but-not-yet-obviously-pregnant-so-I'm-just-fat belly, AND I still have to wear clothes (bummer), I actually had to find some that will fit for the next month or so, before I'm into the Elasticized Maternity Pants


Oh yeah, and the kids grew some too.

So - because this cheapskate won't spent $60 when $15 will do - I once again supressed my dislike of other people's used clothing (ick) and found these:

Yes. They were blurry when I found them.

Mr - with no pregnant belly to hide, found this:

He was very proud.

Miss did not find these. She was not invited to the Secondhand Smorgasbord and Cheapskate Extravaganza, because - only sometimes - I enjoy concentrating for longer than eighteen seconds.

Crazy, I know.

Jr, of course (poor second baby), got shafted. He got super awesome, really cool, I-wish-they-made-them-in-my-size-but-then-they-wouldn't-be-cute shoes that don't fit.

Guilty, I used some of my Swagbucks to buy him these, for which I shelled out only $5.38 in real money.

Me like.

And now daycare can't disapprove of me and my shoeless child anymore.

The Mrs for the win!

(If this sounds - and looks - familiar, it's because its the story of our secondhand shopping trip from the end of June, just different. Hint: that one was funnier.)