July 7, 2011

The Day We Went To Visit Lannis

Are you ready for it? The Lannis Visit, complete with fright wigs, steak, and pee?

I'm not. That is: this computer is not.

And now I'm remembering...

You might not be, because most of you weren't around for our last visit to Pennsylvania, and all the fun I had trying to get this computer and this modem to connect, and - if by some miracle that feat was accomplished - making it stay connected.

So I'm typing this in Notepad, with the slim hope that maybe soon I'll get a fourteen second connection that will let me copy and paste.

Okay. Ready?

It started with food - as most things do for me.

Lannis - bless her heart - asked for the ultimate low-responsibility potluck item: the salad.

And I was so grateful that I wanted to make her and her brood this salad, another memory from the beginning of The Mrs.

She, in turn, (and Mr Lannis) fed us this:

Be still my beating heart. (And the cow's, apparently.)

Jr and Miss were in food heaven, especially when dessert came out and it was what seemed like a vast selection of ice cream, mixed berries, and angel food cake.

I won't deny that I squealed when the cotton candy ice cream came out. Why try to hide  what I'm sure you all already guessed?

Then this happened:

And this:

And don't forget when the frog showed up to visit and everyone went to see:

Meanwhile, Lannis and I had fun times - the kind of fun times you have when you're a mom, a bit of a freak, and have a very strange sense of humour. Total awesomeness.

Then my daughter peed on the floor, and we went home.

The End.