July 28, 2011

Blog Love, Lazy Style

A long time and a short time ago (two months and two weeks, if you're asking), Kristy at Manager to Mom and Kimberly at Intentional Mom very graciously nominated The Mrs for an award that floats around from blogger to blogger called "Most Versatile Blogger".

And today's the day I follow the rules...sort of. And it's totally not because I forgot to take pictures of our Day of the Triffids tomatoes to update you on how our Backyard DIY is going for the first time in - oh... - seventeen years.

(A hint: good and not good).

There are all sorts of rules that come with this versatile business, but I'm so rebellious and lazy that all I'm going to do is open up my Google Reader and tell you who I'm reading these days. Also, there aren't seven things you don't know about me that are interesting enough to want to know about me, I promise.

So here it is, folks: the list of things to read when you decide you either a) don't have enough to do already and would like to spend more time at the computer reading hilarious people or b) want to get fired for only reading blogs all day at work (totally not me.):

(I usually do this on days when I'm at the eyeball surgeon - like here and here, but tomorrow is Friday, and I wouldn't dream of letting you off the hook depriving you of my food waste saga while I travel.)

Adventures in Dinner: My favourite Jane quote is "Summer has smacked Ottawa with her sweaty, humid palms". Shes in the middle of a drastic renovation - think holes in major walls - and is still cooking away and taking pictures. Everything makes me hungry these days, but I almost always have to stop myself from licking the screen when she posts recipes like this one. Uh, that would be every day.

Don't Make Me Count to 3: Eric is not a giant squid, just in case you were wondering. He is a new stay at home dad (new to the staying part, not the dadding part), and Mr is wants to be him - or at least talk about beer with him. His Secret Agent Dad post made me want to stop blogging because I'm just not that funny.

Maybe If You Just Relax: Infertility, then pregnancy, then motherhood. Rinse. Repeat. Jen goes through some of the most painful, heartbreaking stuff and then gets online to overshare and makes everyone laugh about it.

The Tasty Cheapskate: The title says it all. Jean's family of six is eating on $10 a day, and by the looks of things, eating pretty well. Except Emma, who is the star of Eat This, Not That. Don't read it if you have coffee in your mouth. Or near your mouth. Actually, put the coffee down for this one.

Minting Nickels: Lindy is a cheapskate who hates the word frugal. What's not to love?

There. Still not following the rules, but it's enough to fill up your day with blog posts instead of real life.

You're welcome.