June 14, 2011

When in Doubt, Clean

So you know that last week Jr decided to start a barf party and invite everyone in his daycare room, and you know that this revealed the completely logical conclusion that cloth diapers have germs.

What you don't know is how I spent my gift of a Friday at home, with only one kid, who spent the day doing his spot on Sleeping Baby imitation. It was a riot.

What's a gal to do with unexpected time? A gal - remember - who is feeling a little less than confident over her ability to work full time and keep her family from living in absolute squalor at the same time?

She cleans, obviously. And - if she's me - she takes before and after pictures. Because she knows you want to see just how messy her house can get, and she wants a record somewhere that (some of) her house was clean for a minute once, even if said record is mostly blurry.

The Kitchen (ugly no matter how you slice it, but better when clean):

The Dining Rom (yes, it's cat puke, but this time I know what happened to it):

The Office (did I just shift papers around and call it clean? You be the judge):

The Downstairs Bathroom (least useful room in the house. So of course that's where all my stuff is):

The Laundry Room (watch out for those diapers. They have germs, you know.):

The Living Room (what? It's worse in the after picture, and the carpet's different? That's a long, super-hilarious story starring Jr and poop. And is, incidentally, the reason Mr's asleep on the couch):

Which all goes to proves a point that Lannis made in an email the other day: