June 2, 2011

We Interrupt This Blog

There is a post about free stuff - more of it - and how I get it. Stuff like ebooks, movies, financial planning and budgeting software and plants. It's funny and awesome and you'll love it.

You'll sit back after you read it and then you'll jump up and do a little excited dance - especially about the software, because it's free-tacular - and then you'll sit back down and get to work on getting your own free stuff, whatever flavour of free rocks your world, and you'll come back and report.

We'll all do little excited dances.

It will be fun.

This isn't that post. But it's coming. And it's 63% as awesome as I've described it. (This is that post)

This post - the one you're reading - is about Christine Pittman, who many of you know as Cook the Story. She's a Canadian, married to a Brit, living in Florida with their three year old son and soon to be second baby (I saw it on your About page, Christine, and figured it's public now - YAY!).

I could go on and on about why I love reading her blog, and why I'm excited for her newest venture Food Blog Best Practices, but it's easier to quote you eight words from her latest post about corn (Corn for Supper):
...bathing it in a glistening coat of butter...
Yeah. That's why I love her.

At BlogHer Food this year, Christine entered the Mango Jango competition, and now you can see what she'll be like when she hosts her own cooking show:

Go, vote for her on Facebook. If only to hear the part where she says "stone, er, pit, er, seed" again.

And then go read her blog. Especially the post about Preserved Lemons - I know adventuresindinner already has her lemons in jars, and if I wasn't a pathetic nine-to-fiver, I would too.