June 28, 2011

Second Hand Smorgasbord and Cheapskate Extravaganza

Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike shopping secondhand? For anything? And how strange that sounds when a confirmed cheapskate like me says it out loud?

I do believe I have.

And yet, you remember my ReStore score - the matching oak chairs that replaced our folding chairs of death and dismemberment. And my Super S mug of awesomeness. [sip. ahhhhhh.]

So clearly I'm over it, at least where furniture and household goods are concerned, and - as of Saturday - where clothes are concerned too. Because of this:

I ask you - does any one almost three year old need that many clothes? (Because, let's face it, the bulk of this pile is for Miss)

Here's where I answer on your behalf (you're welcome): Yes. Yes, she does. Because she had NO PANTS. Shorts from last year. Flannel nighties. You see where I'm going with this, I'm sure.

I had to buy an entire wardrobe for a toddler

Okay, to be fair, the top two piles are for Jr. But the bottom five piles are for Miss. Thankfully, because I am now a seasoned veteran in the kids clothes department - and because this pile cost us about eighty dollars -  these clothes should last her through to the spring.

Unless she grows like a freak.

Which is entirely possible.

On the other foot, these shoes - that we cleverly sized by tracing the kids' feet on a scrap of paper five minutes before we left - won't last until next week. 

So if you've learned nothing else by reading The Mrs (and I confidently expect that you haven't), learn this: feet are three-dimensional, and therefore cannot be measured adequately using a two-dimensional method.

I had hoped to have more pictures of Miss in a selection of the clothes we found for her, since I'm pretty excited about them (if you were shopping at Once Upon a Child on Saturday and heard a not-so-muffled "Score!" from the other aisle, that was us. Sorry.), but since she's been sick since Sunday we're going to have to settle for this:

Oh, okay. And this:

Yes, we shopped for me, too. We were in Goodwill for forty minutes and I found some of the best clothes I've found anywhere. And not one of them over five dollars.

I am a secondhand shopping convert, and might never shop new again.

That is all.