June 20, 2011

Project Grocery: Closer and Closer

Friends - and foes, if you happen to be reading, which would be weird - I give you the results of Saturday's grocery shopping efforts (and efforts they were):

I could not get my brain in gear on Friday night (our usual planning night) or Saturday morning. And while we were at the grocery store we figured out what to bring to our friend's house that night (spinach and watermelon salad with mint and toasted, almond-encrusted goat cheese rounds, in case you were wondering).

This is not me.

I do not plan the day of.

Now, as it happens, our friend Adventures in Dinner has chronicled some moments like these, and on Friday posted something delicious about these watermelon, mint, and balsamic vinegar confections she's been known to serve.

It was clearly on my mind. Too bad I forgot the mint at home. Oh well - lots of leftovers for my lunch this week is not a bad thing.

In total, we spent $106.49. Not bad for an on-the-run, unplanned-feeling kind of trip. It brought our average down to $125.46 over 26 weeks, and we're eating yummy things like BLTs, Spinach and Lemon Pasta, more Spinach and Quinoa Frittata and Wings (yup. Just plain "Wings". No ingredient list masquerading as a title needed.) The rest of Project Grocery, including why on earth I'm doing it, is here.