June 6, 2011

Project Grocery: It's too Early to Decide

My stealth blogging plans were interrupted this morning by Miss, who decided to get up at five thirty.

Sometimes, when all you want is to drink your coffee while it's hot, hearing "Mommy, I had a good, good sleep" can make you want to hide.

I may have hid. For a minute.

So here's the short version: (keep in mind, I'm trying to spend waay less than my $120 per week grocery budget so I have a shot at getting my average down far enough to spend almost nothing and beat the math. I know, I find it hard to follow too.)

The bill? Eighty-four dollars and eighty-two cents, mostly thanks to the $0.99/lb chicken. I (of course) wish it could be less, but I'll take it.

We're down to $125.99 as a weekly average, which isn't too bad if you don't consider the fact that diapers used to come out of our grocery budget, and we switched to cloth.

So the budgeted amount should be less, should it not?

I'll answer that. It should.

Math-wise (frog-wise), I could at least get our average down to $120 in two weeks by spending only $90.25 for weeks twenty-six and twenty-seven of Project Grocery.

It could work. Couldn't it?

(Tomorrow: A Lannis Manifesto. Wednesday: FREE, finally)