June 13, 2011

Project Grocery: Dare to Hope

It's a short one, today. But a very good one. Look:

This right here, my friends, is $65.86 worth of groceries. Ten dollars of which is - shudder - disposable diapers, because of the whole "cloth diapers have germs" business. Don't worry, I'm working on it. Hard.

But diapers aside, that's a nice number, right? More than fifty dollars under budget?

It's Week 26 of Project Grocery, and our average now is $123.68. Thanks to WilliamB and The Pantry Pre-Challenge, there's hope that with a few more weeks of careful planning, we'll be in a position to decrease our grocery budget to $110/week.

And, unlike the last two weeks, I'll actually be cooking. And it will be good.

There might even be pictures.