June 30, 2011

A Little Help From My Bread

You might have noticed something yesterday, and it might have been this:

Yup. [ominous music]:




Now, I hope you know I'm not a bread snob, erm, not much of a bread snob, no, wait: sort of a bread snob, but only at my house.

What I mean is: I don't like buying bread, because I can make it cheaper, and because we like homemade bread better. But if I come to your house, I will eat your bread. Lots of it. No matter who made it.

(Although I might draw the line at the cat. Possibly.)

(Er - if the cat made the bread, not eating the cat. I would definitely draw the line at eating your cat.)

My shocking confession last weekend was that I hadn't baked bread in weeks, so we hadn't eaten bread in weeks. And then - the next day - we caved. We needed something quick and easy to feed those kids of ours (yes, let's blame them), and BLTs were on the menu, but bread was not.

The next day, the day Miss laid her weary head on a pillow on the couch and did not get up for the rest of the day, this happened. Of its own accord:

And it turned into this:

Which - much later in the day, as I'm sure you can tell from the super quality picture - turned into this:

So the math on this one is WAB + SBB(Y) = HOB, where the value WAB is expressed as "Whining about Bread", SBB is "Store Bought Bread" (modified by the numeral "Yucky"), and HOB is Honey Oatmeal Bread.

I'd like to thank my Kitchen-Aid Cookbook, Tonsillitis, and a well-stocked flour bin...

And now for the help - this is where you come in.

While I was sifting through my pictures for this post, I came across this little mystery, and it is blowing my mind, but not in a good way. More like a "is that an alien in my house that I didn't notice at the time, holy crap I'm kind of freaked out but not really" kind of a way.

What on earth is that in the upper right?