June 3, 2011

Food Waste Friday: Still Not Free

No post about free stuff today either, because it's Friday. And - unless you've been living under a rock, as the phrase so charmingly goes - Friday is the day Kristen over at The Frugal Girl so graciously hosts Food Waste Friday, and I pull out all the manky stuff from my evil fridge and take pictures of it to try and embarrass myself into not throwing money food into the garbage.

[takes a deep breath]

Let's get started blaming inanimate objects for food waste, shall we?

Yup. The blueberry muffins from that day. Apparently this is what else could go wrong. No food lasts well left in a lunchbag for an entire week.

[shakes fist at lunch bag]


Mr fried up a leftover quarter of cabbage with lemon zest and butter to have with our mini burgers on Tuesday night, and stuck those leftovers in the microwave on Wednesday night to have (again) with our mini burgers (again).

And opened the microwave door on Friday afternoon to melt some butter.

And found the sad, forgotten cabbage.

[shakes fist at microwave]

Tune in next week when I somehow manage to blame the cats.