June 10, 2011

Food Waste Friday: I Moaned My Little Moan, And Then My Fridge Bit Me

I told you my fridge is evil. Look:

See it hunched in the dim background? Hear it snicker?

But if you thought (or worried, depending on whether you're my mom or not) that because of yesterday's downer post that I'd get excessively worked up over this, take heart. Or I will, anyway.

I'm not happy that my fridge I wasted all this money. I'm really not happy that one of the squat blue containers holds Mr's Root Beer Pulled Pork sauce. Forget evil, that's just ignorant.

But my fridge is clean now, albeit fuller than it's been since before I started working:

And since I cried my little cry yesterday, I'm ready to just get on with it (although there might be a little Mary Poppins-ing going on).

Although I will be somewhat hampered in my getting on with it efforts by being seriously injured in the thumbal region: