June 23, 2011

A Confession. (Sit Down, It's Shocking)

I have a confession. Prepare yourselves.


I haven't baked anything for almost two months.

[sits back, feeling cathartic release]

Gone are the days when - if our meal plan called for a baguette, or sandwich bread  - I could just whip up a few loaves during the day. They frown on that sort of thing at the bank, I'm led to understand.

So this:

Is a thing of the past. For now. So, alas, is this:

Or a thing of a weekend, maybe. I always mean to bake on Saturday or Sunday, and just never actually do it. Good intentions, and all that.

It doesn't mean that we're (gasp!) buying bread though - except when Mr's parents came to town, and bread with every meal was de rigueur. For the most part, the meals we're planning have been breadless, so far.

Except once, when I baked one disaster of a whole wheat hamburger bun recipe out of my bread project book. You'll notice it didn't make it to the Wall of Bread. Not. Good.

I kind of blame the book, actually. You recall that my plan was to bake through the entire book of bread recipes, and to follow them precisely (not my strong suit). Or you might not recall, since the 200 (Non-Contiguous) Days of Bread have turned out to be very non-contiguous indeed. And I'm not loving the recipes further in.

Or maybe the Flatbread with Brie and Caramelized Onions was so good it spoiled me for anything else, and the whole wheat hamburger buns (a whole cup of sugar, people!) were so bad they've put me off.

Whatever. Someday I'll bake again. Maybe this weekend. Maybe as a gift for a certain favourite person that Mr and I get to see in two weeks, and to whom we owe much. Big time owage.

In the meantime, let's bask in the golden, oniony glow of Flatbread with Brie and Caramalized Onions, shall we?