June 11, 2011

Cloth Diapers Have Germs

Says the girl at daycare to me yesterday when I went in to pick up Miss and collect Jr's diapers.

What you need to remember as you read this, well - this rant, let's be honest - is that we only very recently switched to using cloth diapers because we calculated it would save us money to do so. And those of you that were here for the hand-wringing over the minutiae of cloth diapering can't forget it, much as I'm sure you'd like to.

Here's a cute bum to keep you occupied while I rant:

Here we go: [cue outraged, kind of squeally tone of voice]

Jr - bless his little heart - has decided to become a serial barfer and had to stay home yesterday, which meant that I got to had to come home early from work to be physically present while he slept off the barfing.

And because four kids in his room have decided to join the barf party, the Health Promotion and Protection Act and the Day Nurseries Act require that the daycare report it as a potential outbreak to our local Medical Officer of Health, and follow his recommendations and instructions.

There is no formal policy about cloth diapers, just the injunction to follow the local Health Inspector's recommendations for how to set up a changing station for safe handling cloth diapers at any time.

So to be told - on Friday afternoon - that they'll know for sure on Monday but they're pretty sure that Jr won't be allowed to wear cloth diapers at daycare until the outbreak is contained and possibly forever - is a little surprising and pretty irritating.

Do you know what there isn't a policy for? Washcloths.

Washcloths that get used over and over again and washed less thoroughly than I wash Jr's diapers.

Washcloths that aren't specific to each child - unlike diapers, which only go on Jr's little bum and no one else's. I sincerely hope so, anyway.

I can't fault the daycare workers for having to follow the recommendations of the Medical Officer of Health and the Public Health Inspector. And most of the ladies working with Jr and Miss are kind, sweet women.

But you can bet I'm going to be on the phone Monday morning, making a nuisance of myself.

Because - and here's where I welcome your opinion - I honestly don't see the logic of banning cloth diapers.

Unless they're washing the kids' faces with them.

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