June 21, 2011

Backyard DIY: Let That Garden Grow

"Let it grow" was about all we had time for this weekend - the first nice, non-rainy, non-freezing weekend in what felt like forever. But instead of back-breaking manual labour, I hung my laundry out to dry.

And delighted in my peonies blooming (yes, those are bug legs. Eew.):

Except for the ones that I moved, which developed very promising buds and then stopped. To the point where spiders decided the coast was clear and built a few peony condo units. Very up market.

I hung over the stuff we planted from seed - still kind of convinced that since we only paid twenty-three dollars for them that we're going to get stiffed.

Nope. Instead, we're going to get parsley (every year, and probably so much I'll lament of ever using it all), peas (about six of them, since only three seedlings made it. I'm looking at you, cats.), and chives (just because they're blurry, doesn't mean they won't taste good).

We have already harvested the first carrots of the season. Well, when I say harvested, I mean thinned. The remaining four have some room to spread out now:

And Miss was delighted to eat the carrots she planted - missshapen, discoloured hunchbacks that they were.

Oh, and our future tomato sauce, tomato salad and all other things tomato and basil, let's not forget those:

We'll be the neighbours that chase you down the street, trying to give you more tomatoes. And you'll be the neighbours that whisper to each other "Shhh...let's turn the corner now so they don't see us and try to give us more tomatoes". It will be fun.

Why did I do nothing more than watch the garden grow last weekend, you ask? I was busy.

I got invited to a tea party.

It was awesome.