May 24, 2011

What Else Can Go Wrong?

Jr? Didn't nap at daycare today. Grumpy-pants. (And probably shirt, socks and diaper.)

Mr? Sick. Thinks he has the flu.

Miss? Verrry two. Didn't want to come home from daycare.

New satellite box, that we got for free and one of the main reasons we switched up all of our phone, internet and tv service a few months ago? Broken. And no longer under warranty, because it only lasted 90 days.

Blogger? Not letting people like Lannis and WilliamB comment.

Raccoons? Have learned to open up my locked compost bin and have developed a taste for rib bones and coffee grounds.

Me? I'm considering sticking my head in the oven. But only just to check on the blueberry muffins.

Don't be surprised if I don't get up and stealth blog at 5:14 tomorrow morning. But don't be surprised if I do.