May 4, 2011

So *That's* Where all the Flour Goes

I have been baking through the 200 (Non-Contiguous) Days of Bread. "Been", I think, being the operative word at this point. I had a little hang up with Pita bread, and an anal-retentive mental block that wouldn't let me post this sequence out of order, but I've gotten over it.

Mostly because I want to post pictures of bread and food. Can you blame  me?

Breadsticks are a little further into the book than I meant to go, but one night we had this clam chowder (since I got those clams on sale):

And they called to me, those bread sticks did. They said "Hey, make us. We're warm and soft and delicious. And you can put Parmesan cheese on us".

So I made them.

Again, can you blame me?

And then, wouldn't you know it, Brie went on sale. (Possibly the best thing I've ever typed. Ever.)



Are you ready? Get ready. Sit down or something, because this is going to be awesome:

Oh yeah. Flatbread with Brie and Carmalized Onions. The book is worth buying for this alone. I resented every piece that went into anyone's mouth but mine.

(You can just assume that's the case about every food unless I tell you different, okay?)

And then I made crackers.

Not in the book. From this recipe.


They were okay with cheese, but I need a better recipe. Over to you.

Oh, and courtesy of Mr, now you can see where all the flour goes.

Your life-long dream fulfilled, I'm sure.