May 23, 2011

Project Grocery: The Pantry Pre-Challenge. Or, Math is Awesome.

You may recall that last week's epic grocery bill prompted thoughts of another Pantry Challenge. And I got all rash on Friday and said I was going to do one, but I didn't know for how much, but I'd figure it out this weekend.

How's -$93 for a number? That's what we'd have to spend this week to get our 23 week average down to $120. Or $26.82 for weeks 23 and 24. Awesome. Math is awesome, especially when combined with grocery overspending.

So, instead of an official Pantry Challenge in the next two weeks, I'm doing a Pantry Pre-Challenge. We're going to spend some unspecified (but small) amount of money on groceries every week, and get that average number down low enough to actually have a shot at bringing it below $120. Ideally, somewhere in the $110 range, so we can actually pretend that cloth diapers are saving us money.

That there, my friends, is $68.52 worth of groceries. We're eating quinoa tacos, hamburgers, lemon pork chops, hoisin chicken stir fry and salad for suppers this week, and - of course - oatmeal for breakfasts.

I will eventually do a real Pantry Challenge and will open the floor to the rest of the math loving, grocery over-spending world (all six of you). In the meantime, and for the extra daring, the inventory is up. Go mix and match for me. Come up with ridiculously awesome food combinations.

 Because my brain is firmly in Queen Victoria's birthday mode, and it has said "I already came up with quinoa tacos. I'm done."