May 9, 2011

Project Grocery: A First

Okay, no secret that I like free stuff, and don't mind collecting points and whatnot to get it. But I have never gotten free groceries in my life.

Until yesterday! (Yes, I think it is deserving of an exclamation point. And possibly a high-pitched, sing-songy reading voice. Do it.)

Lookee here:

Well, none of this stuff was free. In fact, this stuff set us back $146.12. More on that in a minute.

This stuff was free. Or will be free:

Corn flakes? Coupon. Twix bar? Coupon. Yoghurt? Coupon.

Insane amount of cereal and two completely unnecessary bags of chips? Mail in rebate.

Yup. I did it. I stopped navel gazing, checked the terms and conditions carefully, and bought $20 worth of stuff at YIG so I can get a $30 PC gift card.

So really, that means that we spent $114.16 on groceries this week, except that it's future-dated savings. Which don't count today.

All in all, I used $9.94 in coupons, stocked up on breakfast for the next three months (did you see the three enormous bulk barn bags full of oatmeal?), and bought ten dollars worth of (impulse) pork for another go-round with that Root Beer Pulled Pork.

That Mr gave me the recipe for.

That I'm going to post.

That you're going to love.