May 3, 2011

Project Grocery: Blurry but Alive

Yesterday was the big Back to Work Day. (And where was the banner? Where was the confetti and the well wishes? Oh, right. They were here. In the comments. What lovely people you all are.)

Which means that last week, I was thinking about the four sets of spare clothes to send with Miss, who was going to get what blanket for nap time, how many diapers to send with Jr and seventeen million other things. Not our grocery budget.

Our Sobey's run is the only thing that managed to make it on film. Or pixels - whatever you say now:

But over the course of last week we went to Bulk Barn once, Sobeys twice and YIG three times and spent $138.29. And here I was contemplating cutting the budget back to $110 to make up for the cloth diapers. Silly me.

So much didn't even make it into the picture that it's kind of ridiculous even to post it. Maybe the (unpictured) snacks were to blame for the extra spending? Or the cat food? Or possibly the flour I had to stock back up on, although Bulk Barn did have a coupon for $3 off of a $10 purchase, so that was all right, right?

Even though I spent all that time planning our master menu list and organizing my coupons, I just lost my head this week. I was so unfocused on the cost of food this week that I was blurry myself. And to confuse my poor head further, we spent Saturday in the backyard and that at a friend's house, so grocery shopping happened on Sunday. 

See what happens when someone who likes to be organized gets thrown out of whack? In my case, my brain goes on strike, and I buy vast quantities of pork.

And to top it off, I'm contemplating using the Loblaw's $30 for $20 rebate offer and am all in a dither over it. It's on tearpads at YIG and most other Loblaws stores, and offers a $30 President's Choice gift card when you buy $20 in qualifying products - most of them instant oatmeal, or breakfast bars,or tiny little bottles of Pepsi, or some similar nonsense. But all of the Quaker cereal is on that list, and most of it is on sale this week, so that would mean we'd have $20 worth of cereal (and maybe a bag of Wavy Lays or two) for free, plus a $10 gift card.

Is this a no-brainer? Am I navel-gazing again? Here's what's stopping me: there's a tiny line of type on the rebate form that says "some restrictions may apply" to the use of the gift card. Does it mean I'll have to spend the card on tiny bottles of Pepsi?

Oh, the world-shaking choices I'm making these days. Aren't you all a-flutter to find out what's going to happen?