May 31, 2011

The Pantry Pre-Challenge: Persistent Assistance

So, not a good week last week for Blogger folks who - get right out of town! - wanted to comment and be commented on. And - apparently - it's been difficult for some people to comment right here at the Mrs since maybe February.

So imagine my delight and consternation when I get an email from WilliamB, someone who's clearly a faithful reader of Kristen at The Frugal Girl, and whose helpful advice about food make the comments on her Food Waste Friday posts worth reading.

WilliamB can't comment. WilliamB has followed the tangled web of links and comments on one of Kristen's posts, is reading my blog, has advice for the pantry challenge, and can't comment.

And there's nothing I can see that's wrong with my comments set up. I disabled captcha long ago (much to Lannis' disappointment but no one else's - it had developed a Spacy Odyssey crush on her and I thought it best to nip it in the bud before it took over my computer in an attempt to woo her electronically).

I've done my best to open up the comments setting so wide that even those crazy spam computers can comment if they want to. Apparently they don't.

I'm kind of disappointed.

And still, WilliamB can't comment. But instead of throwing in the very proverbial towel, WilliamB emails me. And what develops over six or so emails is some of the best specific food advice I've ever gotten: I sent forth my freezer, fridge and pantry inventory spreadsheet, and received back a eerily familiar but completely different spreadsheet that - instead of a random list of ingredient-type things - was a list of fourteen or fifteen complete meal suggestions, using most of the stuff I already have.

Seriously. How awesome is that?

I know exactly how awesome it is, and have planned at least three meals this week from his suggestions (puff pastry chicken pot pie, rotini gratin and quinoa frittatta).And yes, I will observe and report.

So - until the day I become a computer genius and figure out why Blogger hates me and eats my comments - please feel free to email me and tell me all about yourself and what superpowers you have. Because I'm nothing but grateful that anybody's even reading this thing.

And yes, I said consternation.