May 10, 2011

A New Life in the Life Of

Last week, my year long maternity leave to have and raise Jr to the level of mini-human over, I went back to work. I trained my lip not to quiver, we got ourselves (sort of) organized, and here we are: a totally new life.

Not really. But it feels like it.

The work week wrap up goes something like this:


First day back. Mr came to daycare with me to drop off the kids. They didn't look back. Did not cry in the office. Did not have an office. Ate lunch at my (temporary) desk and finished regulatory back-to-work courses. Held it together until the dinner table, at which point burst into tears and worried Miss. Eat root beer pulled pork from the slow cooker.


Got a block away from work and realized I had no makeup on. At all. Dropped $90 with thirty seconds to think at the Shopper's Drug Mart across the street for a new face. Good week to do it, since it was the spend $75 on cosmetics and get 20x the Optimum points. It. Still. Hurt. Miss has taken to chanting "school, school, school" mournfully as we drive out of the parking lot at the end of the day. Eat baked macaroni and spinach salad that Mr prepped on Sunday.


Changed the office nameplate to establish ownership. Kind of felt like I was peeing on trees, since the guy I'm replacing is here until Monday. Still eating lunch at my desk, but now it's mine. And lunch is root beer pulled pork, so there are no tears. Both kids have the most ridiculous colds, and it looks like Miss has been peeing too. Just not on trees, or in the toilet. Feel like I've done sixteen loads of strictly kid laundry in three days. We feed the kids leftovers and put them to bed so we can have leftovers too. But grown up leftovers. A leftover date, if you will.


Jr wakes up with a snot shell over his face. Awesome. Still operating at work with no email and no appointment calendar, having to rely on printed copies of someone else's planner to plan my own days. With a new boss who doesn't know me any other way. Think I appear disorganized and possibly disturbed. Double Awesome. More leftovers.


Have (almost) made it through the week, and the new shoes have not given me blisters, despite the unexpectedly long walk from the public parking lot to the bank. Something's going my way. Have started having client meetings on my own and realize I remember most of the important parts of my job. Miss seems to have remembered that she's mostly potty trained and comes home in the same clothes I sent her to school in. Truly awesome.