May 13, 2011

Food Waste Friday: Whoa. Just, Whoa.

(Now that Blogger has stopped being a big jerkface):

Alternate post titles that were considered:

1. Oh. My. Lord.

2. What. On. Earth? and

3. Holy. Crap.

That little container on the top? Brie. Leftover brie. And two containers below it? Leftover caramelized onions.

Two of the most wonderful things in the whole world. Wasted. By me my evil fridge.

Because I don't know how to combine them to make this, so why wouldn't I leave them to mold in the dark?

Also some peas and cubed beets leftover from when Jr was sick and wouldn't eat anything, a sad tomato slice (coulda popped that one in my mouth instead of condemning it to the food purgatory that is my refrigerator), and the rescued potato salad, let's not forget that.

Part of the problem is that it just wasn't very good to start with - kind of bland and pathetic. But I find myself with five fewer meals a day in which to use up food, and it's clearly becoming a problem. Mr often packs leftovers in his lunch, but I eat at my desk in a vain attempt to keep up with the three hours of work that every one hour with a client turns into, so warming up a dish of Tikka Masala just doesn't happen. I generally have crackers, cheese and grapes.

Where was I?

Oh, yeah. The wasted stuff. I did manage to get two entire meals worth of rigatoni bake and Tikka Masala in the freezer for another week, since we won't be serving leftovers to the in-laws. But this is still quite a lot of food waste for one week, and I haven't even mentioned the half a cup of orange juice (that stuff we got on sale a few weeks back) that languished and went all funky on us.

Enough self-flagellation for one morning. I'm in the city this morning for another eyeball appointment, but am fairly certain they won't be shooting laser beams in my eyeballs. Then back to the office for a few hours, then home to greet Mr's parents.