May 20, 2011

Food Waste Friday: NEVER Try to be Cheeky

Here's me, trying to be cheeky:

Yesterday evening, making my lunch and cleaning out the fridge for Food Waste Friday. Thinking I'm super fabulous for having no food waste this week, the week of the Enormous Grocery Bill, Feeling pretty good about myself, and deciding to take a picture of the carrot and cucumber ends as a cheeky little salute to my non-wasting self.


This morning, in the shower, remembering I had snapped a picture of this leftover and un-re-served (yes, it is now a word) fried rice, just before I tossed it. Two weeks ago.

And also that head of lettuce in the middle of the week that turned out to be green(ish) on the outside, and only (ish) on the inside.

And the cheese and homemade crackers I brought to work on Tuesday and didn't have time to eat. Because I barely had time to pee, and - for once - peeing took precedence over food. Must have been a full moon or something.

There's my lesson in pride for the week. What was yours?

(I'm doing a Pantry Challenge again starting this weekend to try bring that grocery total down to the ground. I don't know what the amount will be. Or the length of time. But I'm starting with a freezer, fridge and pantry inventory. And I'll put up a linky, if anyone wants to join in. Be warned.)