April 14, 2011

Taking the Plunge...What Have We Gotten Ourselves Into?

Yesterday, this arrived:

I spent some time in February calculating the cost of disposable diapers (surprise, surprise), and then complaining about it (bigger surprise) and contemplating switching to cloth diapers.

Because I have awesome readers, I got a lot of advice in the post comments and on Facebook.

And, naturally, am incapacitated by the sheer volume of information. Remember, I'm woefully ignorant about all things cloth diaper. I speak Money, English and Bread. I don't speak CD. I don't know what a prefold is, or a doubler. Aplix sounds like a medication.

Despite my ignorance, and with my return to work looming like a seething mass of un-awesomeness, we decided to test drive cloth diapering by getting a Make The Switch rental package from The Cloth Diaper Shop. Because there's nothing like trying something really new when your whole life is about to change, right?

The great thing about the rental package is that it is costing us $30 plus shipping. And when we return the diapers (and liners, and cloth wipes, and laundry detergent, and, and, and...) we'll get a $25 gift certificate. That's some math I like a lot.

Last night, Jr went to bed with one of these on:

Or is that "two of these on"? Sure looks like it to me:

**Update: Jr's bum is modeling all the diapers we're test-driving on Facebook. So far, I think we've tried all the expensive kinds**

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