April 18, 2011

Project Grocery: Meat. I'm Gone.

A different shopping trip this week, because of my weekend away.

(Which. Was. Awesome.)

We planned, listed and shopped on Friday, all of it within a span of about two hours, with the pressing deadline of my departure hanging over our heads the entire time. Which means that instead of a picture of the grocery store haul, you'll just get this:

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful? Probably not.

And because I was busy baking these for the aforementioned weekend, you don't even get a very good breakdown of what we bought, what we saved or what awesome deals I got:

The damage was $136.01 (I'd suspect that keeping our grocery budget under $120 per week is impossible...except that big hunk of meat up there wasn't on the list, and - even if you look really, really closely - isn't on the menu this week either.)

So, if we had resisted the urge to spend $25 on the biggest prime rib roast ever (intended for when Mr's parents come up from Pennsylvania next month), we would have been well within our budget, with the added bonus of stocking up on great sale things like bacon ($2.99 for Maple Leaf), butter ($2.97 per pound) and Brie (if you can ever really say that you're "stocking up" on Brie that will be gone by the end of the week).

Oh, and let's not forget the earth-shattering three whole dollars worth of savings from coupons.

Here's what we're eating this week:

You might notice that there has been some meal-bumping from last week. I blame it on my weekend away. How can I fault a husband who has the kids alive and the house clean when I come back from two nights away?

And who had warm, fresh, gooey chocolate chip cookies waiting as I walked in the door?

Not me, that's who.