April 11, 2011

Project Grocery: Looking Good(ish)

Let me get it over with right here at the beginning: last week we spent $134.02 on groceries.

That's not $120 (the budget), and it's certainly not the $64.78 that I was thinking about aiming for to compensate for the what can only be called stockpiling that happened last week.

But do you know what it is not? $134.02 is not $195.04. ( I know. It's also not $246. 13, $0.76, or $1,652,90.07. It's not a lot of things.) That's not a random number, though. It's the regular price of this:

(Excuse the blurry, over-exposed-ness. You try to take pictures of your food at lunchtime when all you want is for it to Be. In. Your. Mouth.)

Because I'm participating in The Extreme Couponing Challenge over at BlogHer, I paid extra special attention to my receipts this week.  You know as well as I do that I never spend time or precious brain cells calculating how much I saved. No, I spend my valuable time moaning about how much I am over budget, and promising that next week it will all be different.

So this was an illuminating excercise. And lest the phrase "Extreme Couponing Challenge" mislead you, only $8.00 of the $61.02 I saved was with coupons. Because:

                A) I stink at couponing, and
                B) Couponing stinks at me. Or something like that.

The rest of the fabulous prizes savings were on sale items - things like $19.96 worth of frozen pollock for $5.98 (for fried fish sandwiches. Food & Drink magazine, how I love you.) Or the whopping $1.16 I saved on clams for Clam Chowder.

Here's the problem, though (you knew there'd be one, because me + grocery budget = drama): once I figured out how much I saved, I was fine with being over budget.

Well, for a minute, anyway. How long could that really last with me?

Also, what's up with this?