April 19, 2011

Jr's Expensive (But Cute) Bum

My cheap little heart beat hard when I got that big box of cloth diapers in the mail. Miss is this close to being potty trained - close enough that she's down to one diaper and one pull-up a day. I have almost a full box of disposables left, and an unopened box of wipes,

Imagine if I never had to buy diapers again?

Seriously, I just about hyperventilated when I typed that. This little guy has at least a year (and probably two or three) left in The Magical Land of Diapers:

Whenever we have that third baby he or she will have two or three or even four years in diapers.

That's at least 9125 diapers. (You knew I'd whip out the calculator, didn't you? You can take the girl out of the bank, but...oh, wait. I guess you can't take the girl out of the bank. Yet.)

The cheapest I ever remember buying disposables was for $0.19 per diaper. Which means I have at least $1,733.75 in diapers left to buy in my lifetime.

So this cloth diaper trial is important. Excuse me, Important. Even though I wonder if I'm crazy, going back to work in what amounts to a few days, and trying something majorly new like this.

Except it's not majorly new. Some of it is - the increased laundry, obviously, with the tetchy rules that if not followed result in the worst ammonia smell in the world - but some of it (and here I'm thinking specifically of the poop-scraping) is what we've been up to our elbows in with Miss and potty training anyway, so what's the difference?

The diapers go back in the mail tomorrow, then its decision time. Still overwhelming, still too much information, but at least now I know what a pre-fold is. Oh, and that Aplix is the best invention ever.

After maple syrup.