April 6, 2011

If That Snow Would Just Melt, Already

We may have woken up to this:

But this is what's happening indoors:

So take that, winter.

I'm not the most faithful gardener in the world, but have been inspired by Kristy's enthusiasm over at Muddy Toes and Garbanzos to plant. Anything. To plant anything.

We had a herb garden started at our old house, and a vegetable patch. One year we planted twenty-eight tomato seedlings. Sigh. Is it wrong to dislike someone just for buying a house that you used to own? Since I did, you know, list it for sale.

 Last summer I didn't find my way out to our new backyard very much, in part because it needs so much work that it scares me, and in part because Jr had just been born. Neither good excuses, I know. I did manage to grow up one tomato seedling on the front porch that one of my dear friends gave me:

But Miss picked the one green little tomato before it had a chance to fulfill it's fruity destiny. Alas.

This year, we're ditching the expensive seedlings and starting our own seeds. Mostly because we need some indoor activities to keep Miss occupied until the ground dries out a little,

But also because we've only spent $20.93 on all our herbs and tomatoes for this year, which is a far cry from what we've spent in the past for the same amount of plants.

If they germinate, that is. And if the cats don't eat them.

Or my daughter.