April 28, 2011

I Love Free Stuff, and Here's How I Get it (In Case You Wondered).

Remember this? It showed up in the mail last Food Waste Friday:

This, my friends, is a $50 gift card for Chapters. That I got for free. FREE. [maniacal cackling].

Points and rewards programs are kind of old news, but kind of not. You already know how cheap I am, so the fact that I'm willing to do a little extra to reduce our cost of living is probably as about as surprising as weather.

So here's how I roll, points and rewards-wise:
(The ones marked with an asterisk are ones that give me rewards if you sign up. Just so you know.)

Aeroplan: It used to be attached to our mortgage. We had a lot of points. Once, we used 60,000 of them to go to  Florida to visit Mr's brother, and will never do that again (use points for travel, not visit Mr's brother.) What a hassle. Since then, we've started redeeming what few points we earn now (at the hardware store) for gift cards. This particular gift card got translated into movies for our regular Saturday movie night.

SwagBucks*: Seriously. I'm online everyday anyway, and I search for a lot of things (like what a therm is), so I installed the toolbar and do my searching through that. Unless I want really good, ad-free results, then I search for Google. Tricky, I know. Every once in a while I'll do a survey, or a poll. I started February 25th, and have $10 in amazon.com gift cards on the way.

Which I will obviously redeem for Thirsties Fab Fitted diapers. I want.

Shoppers Optimum: I already buy my milk there. And eggs. And my most important staple item of all (butter). And even though I feel icky whenever I participate in their "redeem your rewards and we'll give you more of them" events, I still do them. Free's free, baby.

Ebates*: I hardly ever get cash back from ebates, because I hardly ever buy things online. But when I do, I go through Ebates (who also have Canadian stores too. That's new. And awesome.)

Plum Rewards: Did you notice that iRewards (from Chapters and Indigo stores here in Canada) were getting more expensive and less useful? Enter Plum Rewards - you don't have to pay your firstborn to use it, it gives you a modest discount, and works like a normal points program instead of a "pay us money and we'll give you a card" kind of a program. Less lame, by far.

Club Sobeys: The reason we switched our main grocery store. (Uh, except for the fact that all the people there are nice, and once a cart boy ran outside in the snow to get the rocket ship cart for Miss and dried it off for her, without us even asking. Oh, and that time the seafood guy picked a lobster out of the tank and let her pet it. And the fact that our only other grocery store has crazy people in it.)

But other than that, points are the reason we switched. Really. We have to buy groceries anyway, right? I could, if I wanted to, convert the points to Aeroplan, but we can't eat movies.

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(Ha, ha. That was a typo. But I'm leaving it in because it's making me laugh.)