April 25, 2011

Graduation Day...All Together Now

First, you have to hum Pomp and Circumstance.

Are you humming?

Okay, now check this out:

Our little seedlings are in big boy pots now! (You may have seen them lurking blurrily in the background of my Project Grocery picture this week).

Well, some of them. The mint still has some growing up to do.

And the carrots and parsley are going through an awkward, leggy phase. Teenagers can be so difficult.

As of now, we've spent about $23 on all of the vegetables and herbs we're planting this year, and saved about $130 by planting seeds instead of seedlings (and resisting the urge to buy new pots, when this mish-mash of old terra-cotta and crappy plastic is free).

The trick will be not letting them die.

That will be an impressive trick from this black thumb, believe me.

(Kristy, when are you going to create a Facebook page for Muddy Toes and Garbanzos so I can upload these babies and you can tell me what I'm inevitably doing wrong? I neeeeeeed help!)