April 8, 2011

Food Waste Friday: Clever Food Fights Back

[Hangs head in shame]

Apparently, being able to buy more food has tricked my brain into thinking I can waste more food. Dumb brain.

Also, this:

See, they were there, lurking, last week. Waiting for me to turn my back so they could go baaad.

I blame lunch. That's a nice, general thing to blame. Since it's obviously not my fault, right?


[Excuse Begin]

The thermos was the chicken soup from a box Mr took to work with him one day when he was feeling sick. But he didn't even crack it open. Some days, you're even too sick for chicken soup.

The lettuce, I had great plans for. It was just the right size to use up in tacos; however, Mr assures me that, like the blue cheese, there was no hope of resuscitation.

The grapes? Also lunch. Hidden in Mr's lunchbox all weekend, hunched in the dark. Rotting, rotting like the sneaky little devils they are.

The tuna found a safe place in the back of the fridge behind the milk drawer and stayed there, safe from consumption, destined to make it's way back to the wild through our municipal garbage infrastructure.

The hard bean curry? Three words: Hard. Bean. Curry. Totally unappetizing. Plus, it made faces at me. I can't be having that, can I? I actually intended to throw it in with another attempt at curry, aiming specifically for the much-vaunted Not Hard Curry, but didn't make it this week, and neglected to freeze this.

Did I mention it made faces at me?

[Excuse End]

So here's what's waiting to go bad this week:

Let's hope this food isn't as clever as the last batch.