April 7, 2011

First, She Bought Some Flour...

And so began the orgy of baking.

See, The $34.27 Challenge was a spontaneous type thing - so spontaneous that I neglected to tell Mr about it at first - and I also neglected to check how much flour I had before recklessly plunging in.

I ended up with enough to bake the English Muffins and the Naan. And That. Is. All.

This may not sound like the recipe for an epic disaster to you, but the only other time my flour stash has been allowed to get this low was after my Christmas basket bake-a-thon. And I got to get more the next day.

So when The Challenge was over, and I had in my pantry a 25 kilo bag of flour (that's 55 pounds, people: two Juniors or a Miss and a half), the baking began.

First, some bread:

Then, this:

It may not look like much, but I can tell you that my brother (if he's reading this morning) is so jealous, because this, my friends, is Boter-Koek.

It doesn't even look pretty now that's it's finished, because I cut it up into little squares and stashed it in a ziploc in my freezer, ready and waiting for when I Need Boter-Koek. Like, naptime. Possibly today's naptime.

And then, Mr made this:

Which, of course, is Monkey-Bread. Which looks - and is - way more fabulous that plain jane old Boter-Koek.  Especially after icing (except you can't keep it in the freezer for surreptitious snacking).

(Also, eight mini-loaves of cinnamon swirl bread, a full batch of artisan bread dough, and a baguette...you know, if we're being strictly accurate.)

So we're not hurting for sugary, buttery carbaliciousness in this house. Not this week, anyway.

That's five kilos of flour down...what's next?