April 27, 2011

Back Yard DIY: The Catastrophically Bad Before

Would you like to see the ugliest back yard in the history of the world?

Not an understatement. No hyperbole. Really.

Okay. Maybe a little hyperbole. You be the judge:

Oh, and also:

It could be the junk. It could be the unkempt-ness. But whatever the reason, this ugly back yard needs work. As in Lots Of. Especially if I want to plant my children seedlings in it and expect to have tomatoes, basil, dill, parsley, chives and rosemary grow. The mint, I'm not too worried about.

We're pulling out the sorry excuse for a deck this weekend (she said), and maybe just leveling out the dirt and laying some grass seed.

My question: what to put where? And how to do it without spending any more money? Because Young House Love we are not.