April 2, 2011

The $34.27 Challenge: Final Inventory

(Excuse the extreme boredom of this post. It's really here just so I can link back to it in my $34.27 Challenge Wrap-up. Skip it if the contents of other people's cupboards doesn't interest  you.)

In the freezers small and smaller:

strawberry jam poppy seeds
1 bag peaches sesame seeds
1 bag strawberries decaf coffee
fruit juice freezies ginger
3 bags applesauce wheat germ
pumpkin puree yeast
6 bags assorted Jr food 1 ball pastry

1 pkg chicken thighs & drumsticks 1 loaf herb bread
1 pkg chipotle chicken breasts 1 loaf thanksgiving day bread
3 pkg ground beef 2 bags bread ends
½ pkg stewing beef ½ sticky bun

½ bag misc. cookies
rib drippings 2 muffins
beef trimmings for stock
3 mini quiche

In the (evil) fridge:

¼ block cheddar 4 beets
4 small peppers 1 lemon

In the pantry:

3 sweet potatoes ½ bag calrose rice

1 can salmon 2 cans mixed beans
1 can tuna 1 bag split dried peas
3 cans flavoured tuna (yuck) 3 half bags spaghetti