March 2, 2011

the wednesday bookshelf: mostly for me, really

The truth is, I can read Miss anything and she likes it. I've read her the copyright information for Hug, and she thought it was fantastic. So if it hasn't been apparent from previous selections, I'll just state the truth: The Wednesday Bookshelf is all about me and me and me. What I like to read over and over.

And over.

So take it as read that Miss likes The Party, a vintage Ladybird book. Because I obviously do. Or I wouldn't still have it after thirty years. It still faintly smells like flowery perfume, which I love for the nostalgia reasons, not for the gag-worthiness of perfume in general.

It's a learning to read book, so Susan and John spend a lot of time doing things like putting on their blue dresses and red ties and grey trousers. No plot surprises, although it would make a perfect zombie remake.

But if you ever run across this book available for sale online, or in a used bookstore, or at a garage sale, buy it. Not so much for the collector's value, since it's worth maybe fifty bucks. And not for the smell, either, come to think of it. I doubt you'll care for it. I also doubt it "came with the book" so to speak.

No, buy it because of the pictures. I've often toyed with the idea of taking out the pictures and hanging them up, except that it would destroy the book's inherent bookness. Not cool. But I really would like to look at this, for instance, more often than I do:

Or this one (my personal favourite), and not just because I want to be that Mom (I do. Badly):

I hear there are a few companies that make notebooks and makeup bags and general stuff with these illustrations on them. I'm working on coming up with a cunning plan to make my love for this book magically intersect with some kind of gift-receiving occasion...

I'm stealth blogging again today, and haven't heard anything from upstairs, so feel like I have time to go on 


I just typed that last sentence. It just appeared on the screen, and didn't I hear the thump thump SLAM patter patter patter "I had a good good sleep Mommy!" of Miss waking up.

Monday and Tuesday, I sleep in because of the non-sleeping all Sunday night. Perhaps you remember? I certainly do. Monday and Tuesday, Miss and Jr sleep until seven. 

Wednesday, I resume my stealth blogging. Wednesday, Miss wakes up at half past six. I suspect with the yelling from right beside his bedroom door that Jr is bound to wake up pretty soon too.

The Stinky Cheese Man will have to wait until next week.