March 8, 2011

Suggestion-less, I'll Call it Artisan Bread

There. I've gone and typed "Artisan Bread" again. See what you made me do?

Despite my disgust for that adjective, and my inability to come up with an alternative name that I can type without wrinkling my nose in disdain, my enthusiasm for this method of bread making has increased dramatically since I started the 200 Days of (Non-Contiguous) Bread Project.  And Miss is loving it, because I always give her some dough to work with on her own.

We're all loving it, really, since it takes the same amount of hands-on time as going to the store and buying bread, except that this bread is hot and steamy, full of buttery carbaliciousness, and - best of all - cheap.

I've knocked out most of the boring recipes - the ones that differ only in shape from one another, and am on the cusp of the more interesting stuff. Recipes for Naan, Flatbread with Carmalized Onions and Brie, and Soft Pretzels are beckoning from just over the figurative horizon. Life is about to get a lot more wonderful.

But first, we have to get past the Baby Baguettes. I've made them a few times, and used them as delicious wagons for this Roast Beef Au Jus (more like Au Horseradish for me):

And this Grown Up Fish Sandwich (how it differs from Childish Fish Sandwiches was not explained in the recipe):

But have not taken the standard Proof of Bread picture. Forgive me. You know I was just in too much of a rush to eat.