March 21, 2011

Project Grocery: Two Weeks of Food for $34.27

The gauntlet has been thrown down (by me), and for the next two weeks we're going to limit our grocery spending to $34.27. But first, a caveat:

Do I like numbers to be neat and tidy? Yes. Will I feed my children tuna straight out of the can for two weeks because I like numbers to be neat and tidy? No.

Someday, I'll explain the cheapskatery ethos more fully; for now, let's talk groceries:

Despite obviously shopping at night, my one good eye was able to see that $1.97 for peppers was too good a deal to pass up. Snacks for Miss for the next two weeks: check. And you may question spending $2.99 on popcorn when there's so little cash to spread around, but that little bag of kernel-y goodness will keep me out of the chip aisle.

This is a good thing.

These plus some baby cereal for Jr have reduced our meagre pile of grocery money to $11.70.  Fortunately, our freezer and pantry inventory on Friday have yielded unimagined treasures, and I'm optimistic about our success.

Mr, not so much. Although he's starting to get excited, since so many of you have given me such great ideas for meals. We get excited about food around here, which is probably why keeping our grocery bill under $120 is usually so difficult.

I don't usually bother you with the details of what we'll be eating, but I feel the deep need to prove that I'm not feeding my kids cat food just to prove a point to my spreadsheet:

And can you see it? Right there at the top, as a baking reminder? 200 (Non-Contiguous) Days of Bread is finally going to yield something new - it's almost Naan time, bread lovers.

Who cares how much money we can't spend if we get to eat soft, buttery, warm, (cheap) naan goodness?