March 6, 2011

Project Grocery: Satisfactorily Un-Extreme

First, I cleaned out my purse.

Ho-lee, there was a lot of crap in there. Obvious conclusion: my purse is too big. If it were smaller, I wouldn't be able to fit - for example - an extra pair of pants, a Pull-Up and a full package of wipes in it. 

On the other hand, I like having things like that around. You know. Just in case.


(While we're on the topic of Pull-Ups, we've invested a whopping $21.11 on six pairs of training pants and  liners for Miss. Or, if you want, we've invested less than the cost of one package of Pull-Ups in not buying Pull-Ups anymore. I want to type Pull-Ups one more time. Pull-Ups. Now I'm happy. 

Thanks Kristen and Leslie in particular for your help and advice.)


Then we went shopping. Here's where it gets confusing:

Yes, we went to four different stores. Yes, we spent  $157.49 on groceries. All those scribbles are me excluding the gift card we bought for Dad's birthday and the non-grocery things we had to get at Wal-Mart. Scribble, scribble, scribble.

No, I'm not discouraged. I'm feeling pretty good in fact, despite the let down of discovering my initial calculation error that made me think we had only spent $120.38.

I'm feeling good about that pretty big number because we're trying something new chez Mrs: un-extreme couponing.

I can't bring myself to be extreme about anything, really. Or, if we want to split verbal hairs, I can't bring myself to refer to myself as extreme about anything. 

Much better.

So I've dipped my toes into the Sea of Coupons and am trying out the notion of stockpiling - but not in the hoarding sense. More in the "yes we'll eventually use it" and "boy wasn't that a good price" and "I'm so glad we had a coupon for it" senses.

Unpacked, our groceries looked like pirate's booty:

Minus the crowns, doubloons, parrot skeletons and obligatory ropes of pearls. So not like pirate's booty at all, really.

(Head over to this page if you want to track the progress of Project Grocery.)