March 16, 2011

Point? I Was Supposed to Have a Point?

Okay, I'll admit it. I didn't blog yesterday because I didn't feel like it. Also, because I was in Toronto (again) for an eyeball appointment (again).

While I was not at home, my mother took care of my kids, and my friend cleaned my house. She even cleaned the blinds in the living room.

I came home having learned nothing new from the surgeon - what an awesome use of our time - but to a clean house, kids who were ready for lunch and only half an hour separating me (and them) from nap time. It was a sunny day, the snow was melting, and Mr and I had just enjoyed six  uninterrupted hours together.

Who needs to act like Mary Poppins when she has a day like that?

During our drive and loooong wait, Mr and I got a chance to talk about some of our goals in the upcoming months - can you guess what mine were?
  1. Spend less money
  2. Make more bread
  3. Waste less food
How novel. I'm sure if I hadn't articulated them, Mr would never have guessed that these things were important to me.